It was July 27, 1956. William Holden was starring in the film "Picnic" at the Village Theater, "Suds In Your Eye" was playing at the Playhouse on the Strand, and the Villa Capri by the Sea opened with a large party around the pool for the dignitaries and residents of Coronado. A Bridal Suite was featured.

The idea of a small intimate inn that would offer something new and different to the discriminating traveler, something they would remember and pass on to their friends, became the ideal for co-owners Mrs. Dulcie Trowbridge and her daughter Bettye Vaughen.

Bettye had a vision of using a small piece of the large tropical garden on the estate of John Spreckels (former owner of the Hotel Del Coronado), designing a small intimate inn and turning it into a haven for guests from all over the world.

Bettye designed the inn with that special touch that has become the signature for the Villa Capri by the Sea. It is of the architectural style of the 1950s, originating in Europe. She wanted to offer the personal service and attention to each guest that was the mark of a true, hospitable European proprietress of that day.

Bettye is still the owner of the Villa Capri by the Sea. Today, as from the first day of construction, everything from the foundations to the furnishings bears her unique imprint and is of excellent quality with the primary accent on comfort and cleanliness. Its reputation grew and second-generation children and grandchildren continue to return.

Many world-famous people have preferred to stay here over the years while also enjoying the amenities of the grand old historical Hotel Del Coronado and the ocean and beach across the street.

Recently, our "diving lady" neon sign was designated an historic resource by the City of Coronado. It was featured in the Miramax film "Flirting with Disaster." Today's popularity of the Villa Capri by the Sea is a tribute to Dulcie and Bettye, who wanted to make a lasting tradition of hospitality for Coronado and for their guests.

We invite you to come stay with us and experience the unique hospitality and personal touch that still continues today at the Villa Capri by the Sea under the special concierge-style manangement of John Miller, Innkeeper.

(Pictures, facts, and quotes are courtesy of the Coronado Journal from the Archives of the Coronado Historical Association.)
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